Beginning Cadw Sŵn

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Streaming to your phone
You’ll find ten codes printed in the course book. This video explains how to redeem them to listen to the audio on your phone or tablet.
Other Questions
Are there any videos on the TV DVD?
There are no videos on the Cadw Sŵn course, but we’ve managed to transfer 10CDs worth of audio files onto one DVD in a convenient format. This helps us keep costs down and sell the course much cheaper than we could when it was on 10 individual CDs. The video DVD formats also let us present all the files in simple menu screens.
Is Cadw Sŵn suitable for use in north Wales?
As you’re probably aware, Cadw Sŵn teaches South Wales Welsh. That’s where I live, that’s the Welsh I speak, and that’s the accent I have. 
Here as the main differences between North/South Welsh as I understand them: 

The accent is very different, North Walians have a very strong nasal accent which some South Walians initially find hard to understand. 
A small number of words are different throughout the country, lads, sweets, lasses and gates for instance. This is no big deal. 
We abbreviate the present tense differently in the North and South; ‘I am’ would be ‘w i’ where I live and probably ‘Dw i’ in the North. ‘We are’ would be ‘Yn ni’ in the South and ‘Dyn ni’ (dun ni) in north Wales. 
A few constructions are different; ‘Mae Ford gyda fi’ – i have a Ford (south) – Mae gen i Ford (north) Also North Walians tend to use ‘I did’ (Gwnes i) to say things like ‘I did shop’ – Gwnes i siopa. South Walians will probably say ‘I shopped’ – Siopiais i 
As you can see, there are a few differences. Personally, I feel that Cadw Sŵn is such a useful course that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and with a little practice you’ll soon get used to the differences. The choice, of course, is yours.
Can I listen to the course in the car?
Please dont listen to the Cadw Sŵn recordings while driving or in any potentially dangerous situation. You need to give your full attention to these recordings, and allow yourself to be in a relaxed, secure environment.
How soon do you deliver?
We ship worldwide and aim for delivery in 10 working days wherever you are, usually much sooner.
How do I listen to the music on the disks?
Simply insert your video DVD into your player and follow the on-screen menu. If you have a soundbar or hifi linked to your television we suggest that you listen through that. 

You can play the music files from the computer DVD direct from your PC or Mac, or transfer the files to audio CDs, iTunes, Windows Media Player or your MP3 player.

You can also copy the albums to your Google Play music library. That will allow you to stream to your phone or tablet from Google Play.
How can I order and pay?
You can use your credit card or pay with Paypal.
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