We’ve had a number of positive comments about Cadw Sŵn over the years, both in the media and from satisfied customers. Here are just a few of the nice things people have said about our Welsh course...

“I often think that, if there were some way of learning Welsh painlessly and overnight – perhaps by placing a disk under one’s pillow and waking up in full command of the language, most people in Wales would eagerly try it. Alas, there’s no such magic technology – not yet. But a new technique on the market is the next best thing. Cadw Swn consists of ten CDs and a handsome course file designed to take you from absolute beginning to reasonable fluency in Welsh… 
…you may find that you can pick up Welsh more quickly than you thought.”
Meic Stephens
Writing in The Western Mail, the national newspaper of Wales

“a refreshing approach… …with each lesson comes a wealth of new vocabulary (which you pick up effortlessly – much more effectively than learning lists off rote) and an immediate improvement in reading ability… … a complete package that covers all the elements necessary for a beginner.”
Rachel Treadaway
BBC Online

“I have received my order today. Thank you very much for the very speedy delivery. 
It makes me proud to know that finally Welsh is the first language of our home. I am from Cardiff (born 1951) and was brought without the Welsh Language. Now I can try and learn my native tongue, (it’s never to late to learn). 
My Australian born daughter has already tried to take the disks home so she can learn and also teach her children, together we will all learn. 
Thank You very much for the opportunity to learn my native tongue, …finally. I look forward to the study. 
Diolch yn fawr.”
John Brooks
Learning Welsh in Australia with Cadw Swn

“I have been learning Welsh in isolation for sometime and purchased the course to help with hearing the language. Although I listened regularly to various tapes and online material I remained ‘deaf’ even to words I knew in print. But I have to say I am very impressed with the results after diligently following the Cadw Swn home study course. I truly am ‘pleased and surprised at how much I have learnt’. And it all seemed so effortless, pleasant and always interesting. The quality of the spoken voice on the CD is excellent and so there has been an immense improvement in my ability to ‘hear’ and ’speak’ the language after just a few weeks of regular study with the course material.”
Veronica Everton-Williams
Following the Cadw Swn home-study Welsh course in Canada

“Shwmae Colin! An update on my progress: I have to say straight away: I love Cadw Swn! It’s a great course, and a really great idea for teaching languages. The Bulgarian dimension in particular – entering a state of mild self-hypnosis whilst listening to great music – is a stroke of genius. And yes indeed, the material does just float in effortlessly, and then keeps re-presenting itself spontaneously to your conscious attention at later times, to become ever-more-firmly entrenched and familiar as you mull it over. And just as you said it would, items of Cymraeg suddenly float up unbidden in appropriate situations, so that you know spontaneously what to say. 
I love it! Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi, Colin! Cofion gorau, Rhisiart”
Rhisiart Gwilym
Learning Welsh with Cadw Swn

“I love the way the course is presented and my vocabulary is increasing nicely”
Gerald Thomas
Following the Cadw Swn home study Welsh course in Cornwall

“just a brief note to say how much I am enjoying the Cadw Swn course. I think that it’s a brilliant idea and I do feel as though I’m learning a lot very quickly!”
Caroline Kaye
Following the Cadw Swn home study Welsh course in Merseyside

“Congratulations on tackling language learning with imagination and style. You are the complimentary medicine of language learning!”
Deborah Procter
Learning Welsh in Argentina with Cadw Swn

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